LVGEM Jin Jiang Hotel

Located on the 7th floor,the fitness center offers specialized service and professional coaching for hotel guests. Guests can enjoy the moment of physical relaxation, maintain a healthy body and a comfortable mind. Our hotel has several chess rooms and a yoga center,an ideal place for you and your friends after work. Located on the 5th - 6th floors, the therapy club has a “spa within a spa” as our design philosophy. There are several luxury double and single therapy suites in the club, also equipped with dressing rooms, bathrooms, steam facilities and a leisure area. When you stay here, you will feel relaxed.

For more information,please contact us on:+86-755-8250 8888 * 6609/8253 3303

  • Fitness Center 7:00am - 10:30pm
  • Oasis Gulf Spa 24-hours